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Geneity is presently owned by Playtech, but was started in 2006 by a team of skilled software engineers as an independent firm. Although Geneity hasn’t won a multitude of awards for its work, the company’s products have much to recommend them. When Playtech acquired the London-based company in early 2012, it immediately replaced its’sportsbook’ platform with Geneity’s, demonstrating the level of respect that its products enjoy among industry experts.




Although Geneity develops a wide range of betting software, including telephone betting, retail, and games products, their primary offering is designed for the sports betting industry. GenBet, the sportsbook platform offered by Geneity, is multi-channel, meaning that it is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices. All of the company’s software is entirely interoperable with a variety of languages and currencies, making it ideal for businesses with a significant international focus. In terms of coverage, it is worth mentioning that GenBet offers over 100 automated football markets; given that football is just one of the sports available on the platform, it would appear that customers are spoiled for choice.


Since being acquired by Playtech, Geneity has been able to collaborate with some of the industry’s most recognizable names, striking software arrangements with Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfair. Geneity’s lottery product is also employed by the Health Lottery, proving that its goods have reached every corner of the Internet in recent years.


User Experience

The software of Geneity is incredibly user-friendly. The studio’s sports betting platform is designed to allow operators to control all of their live material from a single screen, hence significantly reducing operator workload during in-play circumstances. Several data suppliers supply the GenBet system, allowing operators to choose a vendor for each sport or competition they manage. Additionally, the system provides clients with extensive control over prices and data streams, making it very adaptable and efficient.


Geneity’s ‘betting shop’ software is completely hardware independent, allowing even tiny establishments to run it affordably. This in-store platform enables centralized control of retail gambling and may be used to configure both EPOS and kiosk systems.


In addition to the aforementioned, Geneity’s products are equipped with a number of clever features that allow them to be synchronized with the material on operators’ existing sports betting platforms. This’modularity’ is a crucial selling point for the entire Geneity product line: operators may pick and choose which components of the company’s software they desire, and they can add pieces to their present offering without generating software conflicts or re-coding their system. The design of the ‘Geneity Wallet’, which can be added alongside GenBet or removed and replaced by in-house or third-party e-wallets, is an excellent illustration of this’modularity’.


Support and Safety

Geneity is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the most prestigious gambling regulatory agencies in the world. Given that the company is owned by Playtech, an incredibly prominent multinational whose success is dependent on a reputation for fair play, it is quite unlikely that Geneity engages in dishonest or fraudulent conduct.


Moreover, some of Geneity’s designers specialize in information security, meaning that the company has considerable in-house expertise in data protection – while a predominantly B2B-based business model means that the company cannot be responsible for security throughout the entire supply chain, consumers can rest assured that Geneity products originated in a reputable studio.


Geneity offers clients a variety of consulting services in addition to product-based assistance. While this support is not free, the company offers an incredibly broad range of alternatives; customers can receive technical assistance with the execution of huge events and even request advise on the compatibility of their existing systems. In essence, this means that one facet of Geneity’s business is support, and that the studio is creating a fledgling software consulting in addition to its primary production line.


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